Bobby has been instrumental in loan modification analysis in many of my bankruptcy cases for the past three years. Bobby has also been a featured speaker at many of my Bankruptcy Boot Camp Seminars nationwide.O Max Gardner III - Leading Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney
I can honestly say that Roberto is one of the best loss mitigation specialists I have come accross. I have met and worked with literally thousands of loss mitigations specialists but few, if any, have the knowledge and skill that Roberto brings.Igor Roitburg - Default Mitigation Management, LLC
I have found Mr. Rivera to have the most extensive working knowledge of government & proprietary loan modifications of anyone in the country.Marc Dann - Consumer Attorney & Former Ohio States Attorney
I was fortunate enough to have Roberto join my law office as the manager of our Loss Mitigation Team. From 2007-2009, our office processed over 200 loan modifications. The success rate for the first 100 files was 100%. As a matter of fact, when the first statistics were released on the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program), the statistics indicated that a little more than 1,000 modifications has been approved, thanks to Roberto, approximately 10% of those were processed by our officeMelva Harris-Rozier - Florida Consumer Attorney