This report is the minimum you should know before even speaking to a client about a modification.

Below you will find a “snap shot” of some of the modification terms that have been performed that we have found in a borrowers specific pool.

What you get with this report that you need to know:

Facts for the borrows specific securitized pool of loans:

  • How many active modifications are in the client’s pool
  • What interest rate reductions have been performed
  • What payment reductions have been applied
  • What capitalizations have been performed
  • Whether Principal Reductions/Forbearance is allowed
  • What amortization changes have been made
  • What was the lowest interest rate given
  • Whether multiple modifications have been reported
  • Whether borrower’s loan has been previously modified

Additional Info being reported:

  • Loan status being reported
  • Original Loan amount
  • Actual Loan balance
  • Current Interest rate
  • Current Principal and Interest Payment or IO payment.
  • Paid Through Date
  • Active Loans, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and REO


  1. If the loan is not in securitized trust that reports we will not find data.
  2. Servicers may change the types of modifications they are doing with a specific trust, the report only shows you what has been done in the past.
  3. This report should not be used as a “silver bullet”.  It should be used as a part of a sound review of borrowers total circumstances when you are setting realistic expectations for a borrower.
  4. No consult time is provided with this basic report.  It is only a factual presentation of data that has been reported to Trustee of Pools.  No exceptions.